For Publicising

These resources can be used for publicising StopSO :

A one page flyer that summarises StopSO

A two page information leaflet about how StopSO works

A twenty minute presentation that can be sent to you.  We suggest you allow time for questions. If you want the powerpoint version of this please email [email protected]

A one page poster about StopSO that includes info for families  that can be put up in the visiting area in prisons etc

Please inform us BEFORE giving a presentation about StopSO (i) the intended audience (ii) the date of the event (iii) any other resources that you might need (iv) your experience of giving presentations. [email protected]

To order StopSO business cards containing StopSO contact information to hand out, please email [email protected] telling us (i) how many required (ii) your name and address so we can post them to you (iii) where you hope to hand them out (e.g. a conference of therapists, at a Women’s Institute meeting, to give to your local GP or Police Station etc)